Basic actions

Politics Influence
Move other player`s non-political action token up or down. Increase your diplomacy when you help other players.Target opponent might reduce his diplomacy tracker by 1 to counter the influence action.Players may negotiate at that point to get as many benefits of cards, gold and tactical agreements from other players as possible.
Recruit X workers your buildings can produce or 1 worker of any color.
Economics Build
Pay the cost equal to the number of houses you already control and spend a worker of matching color to build a house.
Collect the gold from a city you control to your personal supply.
Military Recruit X
Discard any worker to summon a unit of your color. If you recruit in a sieged city – have a combat immidiately.
Pay X and move X units. If you move unit onto the sea tile, pay 1 more per unit.If you move to a tile with enemy units or buildings – activate combat.If you move to a tile without cities pillage the resources.

You can activate pillage or combat without moving.

Culture Discover
Draw X. Discard to your hand limit. Gain 1 gold for each discarded card.
Move X workers up on the skill tray.

Advanced actions

Instead of the basic actions you can play a card of the matching section to perform an advanced action.

Additional actions

You can play one of additional actions at any time of your turn.

1) Buy a card. Buy one of the revealed cards for 2 gold. Place the gold on any 2 cards in card tray instead of putting them into a bank.

2) Spend a worker to gain W x 2 gold from a bank of the matching color.