1) Create a game board randomly placing hex land tiles according to player`s number and specific setup. <TBC>
2) Each player takes 3g from the bank
3) Randomly choose the first player and pick your hero (random, draft or one out of two)
4) Reveal shared quests equal to number of players
5) Reveal a random win condition
6) Starting with the last player choose a starting location tile and place your city on it. There must be at least 1 empty tile between your city and the opponents.
7) Reveal X cards from the culture deck. X = number of players * 2.
8) Starting from the first player clockwise each player pick 1 card. Starting from the last player each player pick 1 card counterclockwise
9) Reveal 3 cards from actions deck and place them in the card tray.
10) Starting with the first player clockwise, each player places a tier-1 house of his color in his capital city. Proceed until each player has 2 buildings.
11) Each player places a soldier on his starting tile.