Hand limit
The default hand limit is equal to the number of cities you control.

When there are units of 2 different non-allied players on the same tile – activate combat:

1) Starting from the player with the lowest attack, players may play military cards until one passes.

2) Other players may play one reinforcement card to help one of the conflicting players.

3) The winner is the player who has more combat power from units, cards and abilities. The winner keeps X units alive where X is the difference between combat power. Destroy all other units.

4) The winner advances his victory token on the military track.

5) If you win as an attacker choose one of the following actions:

  • Pillage a city
  • Destroy a house for each of your survived units

6) As a defender choose one:

  • Draw one card for each enemy unit killed in the battle
  • Add one of the cards played by your opponent to your hand.

7) Move all played cards to discard pile.