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  • A player cannot sell or discard a worker card if he will not have enough workers to play all seasons.
  • All ties are resolved by initiative. Lowest first.


  • Randomly allocate mines, farms and sawmills on the map facedown.
  • Shuffle intrugues, workers and combat decks and place them by the board.
  • Shuffle quests and event cards and place them on the appropriate boards.
  • Randomly close upgrades on the tablet.
  • Set a random turn order
  • Each player draws a personal quest and places it next to his tablet.
  • Each player draws an intrigue and a combat card.
  • Each players takes 5 gold from the bank.

Start of turn


  • Players draw 4 worker cards and draft them clockwise or counterclockwise (switch every round).
  • Move all influence vp token down one step on the influence track. If player`s influence marker meets an influence vp token, the player moves his marker to 0 and places the influence vp token to his tablet. Ignore this step first year of the game.
  • Players at 3 and 4 victory points must announce it.


  • Each round consists of 4 seasons providing penalties and a bonuses for workers.
  • Each season players plan and place a worker card face down simultaneously.
  • Players reveal the worker cards and take actions in the initiative order. Only one type of action from the available set can be played each turn.
  • Action power of the chosen type equals to worker power + season bonus or – season penalty which are represented on the worker`s card and calendar.
  • Action power can be modified by active events whih need to be checked before taking the actions.
  • Workers have their special abilities which can be played anytime: before, during or after taking the actions.
  • Instant intrugue cards may impact the action by adding some effects or modifying the power of the action.
  • After playing an action, player raises influence on the track matching worker`s faction. If player`s influence marker meets an influence vp token, the player moves his marker to 0 and places the influence vp token to his tablet.
  • Once all players used all their actions – resolve combats in initiative sequence.
  • Once all winter actions are played and combats are resolved – proceed to Cleanup.


Politics actions:
  • Move any initiative marker up or down
  • Swap left or right the event cards. If #1 event is moved left and leaves the board – discard it.
  • Move any influence 1 step up.
  • Civil actions:
  • Choose a color, draw X cards that type where X = 1 + revealed upgrades.
  • Pay token price and upgrade the hand limit
  • Pay 5 and construct a building
  • Combat actions:
  • Deploy a unit from a left-most space in garrison on the tablet to any unoccupied space on the edge of the map
  • Move a unit to an adjacent land
  • Trade:

  • Sell a card from your hand for 2$
  • Sell goods from one of the locations, get X$ per good, where X = market price + event or worker`s bonuses or penalties.
  • Combat

    • Basic unit power in combat is equal to the power displayed on the first right-most garrison with an empty unit space.
    • Each player may play as many combat cards as allowed by his tablet (garrison + upgrade)
    • All players may play combat and intrigue cards to help one of the conflict sides.
    • Active players calculate total power to determine the winner.
    • Players exchange combat tokens. The winner places it faceup on his player table and the loser facedown.
    • Killed units are placed in the graveyard next to the map


    • Players return dead units from graveyard to the garrison, filling right-most and left-most garrisons first.
    • Playes may return any amount of warriors from the map to garrisons and then pay wages to all units remaining on the map. If a player can not pay wages he removes units from the map until he can.
    • Resolve event cards starting from #1 to #3.
    • Remove left most event (if not blank) and slide event cards to the left on the event track. Reveal new events to fill all empty spaces.
    • In the turn order sequence players claim quest cards and get 1 VP per completed quest.
    • Remove left most quest (if not blank) and slide quest cards to the left on the quest track. Reveal new quests to fill all empty spaces.
    • Claim faction alliance tokens. Add 1 VP for each taken.
    • Discard all workers.
    • Bonus production: all occupied lands produce resources equal to the number on the map tile.
    • For each unit on the board a player decides to keep the unit or return it back to garrison.
    • For each card ty beyond the hand limit a player chooses whether to pay $ to keep it or dicards it.
    • If any player has reached the endgame VP limit, the game ends and players proceed to Endgame phase.


    Endgame points are calculated the following way:

    • Each VP token = 1 point
    • Each unique combat victory token = 1 point
    • Each unique combat defeat token = -1 point
    • Each land in an inner circle gives it`s controller 1 point
    • All stars on the tablet give 1 VP each
    • Every 10g give 1 point
    • Completed perosnal quest also gives 1 additional VP.